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We would be delighted to invite you to experience a complimentary sauna and plunge session in our space. Become a part of our thriving wellness community and relish the opportunity to explore our saunas and cold plunges at no cost. Reserve a 45-minute session for one or two people today.


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Let's get started on the road! Our objective is to introduce cold exposure to as many people as possible. You can book a time for our team to come to your location and set up an event where you can learn about all the benefits of cold water firsthand, creating an unforgettable cold plunge experience.

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Based on 32 reviews
Barrel Plunge
Barrel Plunge and 2 Person Sauna Delivered Successfully

These two things look great and the assembly doesn’t seem too challenging!

Barrel Plunge
Joshua Michaud
love it!!

its so great so easy to use and clean. members love it too. I'm on week three and I've seen sleep improvements. some of the other members have seen it also!

Barrel Plunge
David Navon
Great plunge

Very happy with my cold plunge. The Cold Plunge Guys were very helpful before and after I received my plunge. I highly recommend them.

The Outdoor Cold Plunge
Chance Abbott
Loving it

Nice product for a fair price, I am very happy with mine. I opted for the 1.5hp chiller. When it got here I was worried it was a little overkill, but I don't regret it after using it for a bit. It gets cold very fast, so I don't need to think very far ahead if I want to use it, and can leave it off most of the time.

Also, exceptional customer service. I made a mistake when ordering and they corrected my mistake for me and refunded me the difference. Very responsive and helpful.

The Outdoor Cold Plunge
Jeffrey Karp
Love it!!!

Thank you so much Cold Plunge Guys!! Plunging is part of my morning routine - I started with a 100 gallon rubbermaid vessel - and I am so glad that I switched to your system - it's so easy to program and maintain. Very well engineered - it’s clear they thought through all the details!

Drain Pump
Eben MacNeille

Drain Pump

Chris Reardon's Review

I love my tub and I use it every day. Great product and excellent support whenever I need it. Thanks guys and best of luck!

The best thing I’ve done for myself!

I couldn’t be happier with my Cold Plunge and was thrilled that I could buy local. I know there are lots of options out there but Mitch made the purchase very easy and came out to set it up. It was an easy to assemble product but at the time we were quite busy so this was very convenient.

I’ve had my Cold Plunge for three months and am thrilled with how great I feel as a result of my daily morning routine. Don’t wait and deprive yourself!

Great but condensate

Just got my plunge! We love it, but it does condensate. The condensation pan is a must as we keep ours indoors.

Original Plunge
Dave Gaffey

After a few weeks of use, I can not imagine starting my day off any other way than an invigorating dip in the cold plunge!


After researching the product I purchased my tub to help with chronic hip pain. I have used the tub on a daily basis religiously and have realized a dramatic decrease in pain. The results have surpassed my expectations. Thank you Cold Plunge Guys you have made a remarkable improvement in my quality of life.

Original Plunge
paul colbert
Love it!

Use mine twice a day! Easy to maintain, awesome design, super affordable!

Original Plunge
Jake glasgow

Use it every day!

Quality Tub for Half of The Price

I was a bit skeptical when I saw this option pop up during my search. Everything was $5K+ shipping and this option was much more affordable. However, I’m completely obsessed with my Cold Plunge Guy purchase. I love the sleek, durable look and feel like a champ after my 5 minute plunge everyday. This solution is highly recommended!

Original Plunge
Erik Peckar
Cold plunge guys are the BEST!

Love these guys and their product. They are passionate and knowledgeable about plunging and were responsive and set up the plunge within a few days of ordering. 100% recommend and forever looking forward to my next plunge!

Original Plunge
Lou DAgostino
Loving it!

Un freaking real! So cool—so cold. We love it.

Original Plunge
Kelly McCausland
Awesome Tub at A Reasonable Price

We love our new cold plunge tub and the Cold Plunge Guys! The tub has an accurate chiller and an oxidizer that keeps the water super clean. They even came and set it up for us! Excellent product with superb customer service. Highly recommend!

Original Plunge
Mitch Cunningham
Great cold plunge

I got my plunge a few weeks ago and it’s been amazing! The guys got it setup for us in our garage. It’s been wonderful making this part of our routine. Also, love that they’re local.