Product FAQs

Where do we deliver?

We now offer delivery nationwide! Our delivery ends at the door. If you require in-home delivery or need assistance getting the product upstairs please reach out to us for a quote.

Which chiller should I get?

The chiller you'll need is completely dependent on the environment you plan to put your plunge in.

If you intend to keep your plunge indoors in a temperature-controlled environment, the 1/4 HP chiller should be plenty of power. If you plan to use your plunge outdoors, please refer to the chiller recommendation graphic on our homepage to get a better understanding of maximum temperature exposure.

Do our plunge tubs have a liner?

Yes! We line our tubs with a extremely rugged low VOC non-slip liner. It's also extremely comfortable and adds a layer of luxury while protecting the plunge from corrosion & rust.

Can I put my plunge outdoors?

Yes! Our plunges are designed to be versatile and can function inside or out. If you want to place your plunge outdoors, it's highly recommended that you purchase a chiller protector to keep your chiller protected from direct elements.

Please note: Our plunges are designed as three-season products. We are working on a winterizing kit that insulates the utilities to handle sub-freezing temperatures.

Additionally, there is a lot of false marketing in this industry regarding plunge tubs being all-weather products. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about other brands you are considering, to verify if they can truly withstand a Northeast winter. We're here to provide truthful and reliable information about all things related to cold plunging! :)

Whats the temperature range of our plunges?

The chillers on our indoor models can be set to 39° F. The chillers on our outdoor models can be set as low as 36 degrees. The chillers will self-regulate and only turn on as needed.

*There is no heating element on any of our plunge models.

How much electricity does it use?

We use high-efficiency, low voltage chillers & pumps that use a 120v standard outlet

Our chillers working current is as follows

  • 1/4 HP - 3A
  • 1/2 HP - 4.4A
  • 1 HP - 8A
  • 1-1/2HP - 10A

To put this into perspective the working current of a mini fridge is about 3A.

What is our warranty?

Our warranty covers all parts for a period of 1 year from the date of delivery for all personal cold plunge models.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for additional information.

What type of filtration systems do we use?

Our premium filtration units are equipped inline with our pumps and designed to help clean your plunge 24/7.

We utilize 20 micron filters cartridges that remove dirt, silt, sand, and other undissolved particles for our personal plunge models.

*We recommend you change your filters by-weekly or monthly depending on use.

Our commercial units are equipped with heavy duty sand filtration systems that only require a regular rinse and backwash. These filters can be replaced annually making commercial plunge ownership easier than ever.

What is ozone sanitation?

Ozone generators utilize ozone gas (O3) as a potent disinfectant, commonly employed in spa or hot tub water to effectively eliminate bacteria and break down impurities. Our ozone generator is installed inline with your filtration system, ensuring self-sanitization and aiding in maintaining cleaner and clearer water.

*The ozone generator is designed to assist in keeping your plunge water clean and free from bacteria. However, it's important to manage your water's pH and alkalinity balance for ozone to be effective. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding water maintenance.

How to assemble our plunge?

EASY! We employ exceptionally high-quality and user-friendly quick-connect fittings for all our plumbing and utilities.

Simply pop on and off your pump, filter, and chiller in a matter of seconds, making the assembly or disassembly of your plunge incredibly convenient. This grants you the freedom to move your plunge around, drain it, or clean it whenever needed. Additionally, this approach safeguards your investment and minimizes the need for future service calls. If necessary, we can readily replace parts by shipping you new components that can seamlessly clip right into your system.

Do I need a cover for my plunge?

We highly recommend putting a cover on your plunge. If you are planning to keep it outdoors in direct sunlight, we recommend purchasing one of our wood covers.

Does my plunge need to be on a waterproof floor?

We do recommend putting your plunge on a waterproof floor.

If you are planning on keeping your plunge indoors on non-waterproof floor, we'd highly recommend buying one of our lipped condensation mats. Our plunges do condensate quite a bit. These condensation mat come with the indoor plunge bundle.

How do you fill/drain our plunge?

EASY! It's designed to fill & drain with a standard garden hose.

A key difference is our plunge drain pipe has a female to male fitting, allowing you connect your hose and fill it as well. This is especially useful for indoor plunges where your hose may not be right next to the plunge tub location. Saves lots of running back and forth while trying to achieve the perfect water height.

Draining is just as simple. Attach a garden hose to the plunge and let gravity drain your plunge. We also sell a powered drain pump that allows you to pump the water out of your tub 100 ft away. This is especially useful for plunges in basements or places where a drain isn't as close by.

Plunging FAQs

Is plunging good for me?

YES! The mental, physical, and emotional benefits of cold plunging have been experienced, tested, and proven over time. The scientific literature on cold plunging is widely available, and the benefits are undeniable.

Pre-workout or post-workout?

Cold plunging offers a pre-workout boost, accompanied by a wonderful array of mental and physical advantages. In essence, it stands as the most effective pre-workout routine you'll ever experience.

Following your workout, we advise waiting for a minimum of 2 hours after weight lifting before engaging in a cold plunge. Muscles require inflammation as a component of the growth process, and cold water contributes to anti-inflammation. In brief, it's best to avoid the tub until your anabolic window has elapsed... and then you can plunge away.

Should I plunge in the morning or at night?

Either option works, or you can even choose to do both. Taking a plunge in the morning will invigorate your mind and body. The remarkable 250% surge in dopamine collaborates with your body's circadian rhythm to provide a strong wake-up call. Opting for an evening plunge offers a similar outcome. You'll experience that dopamine surge transition into a state of relaxation, and you can definitely anticipate a restful night's sleep.

What does the plunge do for me after a run?

Cold plunging specifically targets lactic acid and inflammation within the body. The lactic acid that accumulates in your feet and legs after a run is effectively counteracted by cold water immersion. Conquer that lactic acid buildup by immersing your legs in cold water!

What does a plunge do for me after weight lifting?

Following your workout, we advise waiting for a minimum of 2 hours after weight lifting before engaging in a cold plunge. Muscles require inflammation as a component of the growth process, and cold water contributes to anti-inflammation. In brief, it's best to avoid the tub until your anabolic window has elapsed... and then you can plunge away.

How does plunging help athletes?

Athletes will experience a multitude of benefits, including enhanced mental clarity, improved breathing, reduced inflammation, increased circulation, and accelerated repair of damaged tissues. The advantages go even further than this – in essence, it's a dream come true for athletes and why professional locker rooms have been equipped with cold water therapy pools since the 70s.

What are the recommend temperatures for cold plunging?

Any water temperature below 58°F qualifies as cold plunging temperature.

Can kids cold plunge?

Both of my kids have been plunging since they were 2... not sure if you could hear the mic drop from there. Yes, kids can plunge! Kids are designed to be badass cold plungers. They naturally have more brown fat than adults.

How long to receive benefits?

Ninety seconds of cold water immersion will provide you with all the therapeutic benefits you need. Just 90 seconds is all it takes, folks. Exchange a minute and a half of your time for health benefits that can contribute to a longer and higher quality life.