Cold Plunges in Commercial Spaces: Choosing the Right Chilling Power

Cold plunges are typically designed for personal use, but when adding one to a commercial space, it's crucial to ensure it has the necessary utilities. One significant difference lies in chilling power, as these units are akin to hot tubs in their slow temperature change. Most cold plunge chillers on the market offer a cooling rate of 1-3 degrees per hour.

Factors Affecting Chilling Efficiency:

Two key factors affecting a chiller's cooling ability are:

  1. Horsepower: More horsepower means greater capacity to chill.
  2. Cooling Fan Size: Larger fans help maintain efficient cooling.

Commercial Advantage:

While residential units typically feature 8" cooling fans, our commercial units are equipped with 13" cooling fans. When cooling from ambient temperatures to sub-58 degrees Fahrenheit for cold plunges, this results in over 20% greater efficiency.

Performance Comparison:

Take a moment to examine the performance curve, comparing a residential 1/2HP chiller with an 8" cooling fan from the same manufacturer to our 1/2HP commercial-grade chiller with a 13" cooling fan.


Performance Curve 1/2 HP 8" Fan Residential Chiller

Performance Curve 1/2 HP 13" Fan commercial Chiller